Month: August 2020

“Trapper” Retro Poster

I didn’t have a specific goal going into this one, I just wanted to have…

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Mail Call: Power Rangers Lightning Collection MMPR Blue!

Two Rangers down! The plan is to get the seven Mighty Morphin Rangers, and a…

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Earth: It’s where I keep my stuff!

I feel like the title really says it all.

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Captain Marvel vs Skrull

Just before the Captain Marvel movie came out in February of 2019, I worked on…

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Heroes of Cybertron Sunstorm

The Heroes of Cybertron line of Transformers was an assortment of non-transforming PVC plastic toys…

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Beach Head Custom Figure

In 2019, thought it would be fun if Hasbro started making six-inch G.I. Joe action…

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Future Vision

More fun with 80s-style sci-fi goodness. The Lamborghini Countach is such a cool looking car,…

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Red Sonja

I like Red Sonja. So I drew her. I did this over the last couple…

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