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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Lightning Collecton Goldar custom toy

The Gametop Exclusive release of Goldar from the Mighty Morphin…

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Friendly Fridays: BLACK Teaser by Dané Shobe

A while back, I interviewed my friend Dané Shobe about…

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So, uh.

Rather than slowly collect the Transformers ReAction figures one by…

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Mail Call: Green Ranger

Thanks, Entertainment Earth! That pretty much finishes this line off…

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Mail Call: Yellow Mighty Morphin Power Ranger

They’re all starting to come together. This is exciting.

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Mail Call: Lord Drakkon

In another reality where Tommy Oliver never fully escaped the…

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Mail Call: Ranger Slayer

The Ranger Slayer is the original pink Mighty Morphin Power…

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Mail Call: Power Rangers Lightning Collection MMPR Blue!

Two Rangers down! The plan is to get the seven…

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