Capcom Colors

Guides for various alternate color palettes in Capcom fighting games from the ’90s and early 2000s. This is going to be an ongoing project, so please be patient if your favorite game hasn’t been added quite yet.

Because I’m from the United States, this guide uses the North American names for game titles and character names.

Click a game title to view all the characters’ alternate colors in that game.

Street Fighter Games

Darkstalkers Games
Marvel Games
Capcom vs. SNK Games

All games, logos, graphics, characters, etc. are property of Capcom, SNK-Playmore, and/or Marvel Comics Group.

Thanks to Fighters Generation, the Street Fighter Palette Database, and the Mizuumi Wiki. Special thanks to @pheNOM07_ for creating the original Capcom vs SNK 2 color guide. This guide wouldn’t have been possible without the above sources.

Extra-special thanks to Kishi for help with the MvC1 hidden character alternate colors.