Atomic Monsoon #77: ZERO Kickstarter with Tom Leveen

Author Tom Leveen joins us to talk about the currently-ongoing Kickstarter campaign for his novel ZERO, some decent writing tips, the discussion of art during the COVID-19 panemic, as well as an overall fun discussion. Find Tom’s Kickstarter at or visit his website at

Tom is the author of nine novels with imprints of Random House, Simon Schuster, Abrams, and Sky Horse. He has published two books on writing and two horror novels.His novel Hellworld is a Bram Stoker Award finalist. Zero was an ALAYALSA Best Book of 2013. Sick won the Westchester Fiction Award and the Grand Canyon Reader Award. In addition to several books being translated into Korean and German, he adapted his novel Random into a stage play which then won second place in a Germanlanguage script competition.Tom also enjoyed writing and plotting five issues of the comic book series Spawn with Todd McFarlane.He hosts a weekly live show, AuthorTomLeveenLive, at youtube.comusertomleveen, which airs at 8pm MST.Apropos of absolutely nothing, Tom has also: finished a marathon and a Spartan Sprint, played guitar in punk band once, earned a blue belt in tae kwon do, studied fencing, kenpo, and aikido, cohosted a public access television show, been the artistic director of a theatre company and of a mixeduse arts venue, been an early literacy specialist, spent twenty years earning a fouryear degree, did a tenday book tour in Germany for his novel Random, and spent a total of nearly nine years in public library work.

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