On an Internet that feels as though it has become focused almost exclusively on social media websites, I’d like to offer more places online for people to explore. There are lots of talented people making talented things who deserve your time and attention. Here are some of them:


  • Saber Syndicate United – Atomic Monsoon co-host Stephanie Hinz’s lightsaber combat & choreography group
  • Mystery, Babylon: Home of Val Hochberg’s eponymous webcomic, starring the incorrigible Kick Girl!
  • Home page for Mike “Kayin” O’Reilly, creator of I Wanna Be The Guy.
  • Comic creator Jeff Piña’s home on the web! Creator of Dr. Oblivion’s guide to Teenage Dating and more!
  • Portfolio and website for artist and designer Wesley Griffith
  • Ryan Treasure: Homepage for Executive VP of Broadcasting at VoiceAmerica, Ryan Treasure.
  • Tom Leveen – Award-winning author of several books including contemporary YA fiction Party and Zero; horror novels SICK, Hell World and Now You Don’t, and much more.
  • Dirty Tea Cup Designs: “Surreal Dames and Macabre Nostalgia” art gallery/shop
  • Professional website and blog of award-winning film maker Alex George Pickering.
  • Optimystical Studios: Hand-crafted fandom & geek-culture jewelry
  • Druids of the Light: My mom’s Druid fellowship.
  • Gina M. Ippolito: Los Angeles-based comedian/TV writer on shows such as Regular Show, Murphy Brown, and The Unicorn.

YouTube Shows You Probably Haven’t Watched:

Musical Pals:

  • DeaFM Record Co.: These guys provided the intro music for Atomic Monsoon! Check out all the artists on DeaFM Records, including the Dead Gear and the Saturn III!
  • Dana Jean Phoenix: The Synthwave Siren’s website, where you can listen to some tunes and check tour dates

More Psycho Andy-produced content:

  • The webcomic series I worked on between 2003-2018 along with Brandon A. Mayo, with occasional guest art from other friends.
  • Atomic Monsoon: The pop-culture podcast I co-hosted, from 2018 through 2020
  • Redbubble Shop: Stuff I’ve designed and put on t-shirts and whatnot
  • TeePublic Shop: More stuff I’ve designed and put on t-shirts and whatnot