“Trapper” Retro Poster

I didn’t have a specific goal going into this one, I just wanted to have fun with geometric shapes. And when it was done, it looked like it could have been on a Trapper Keeper.

Trapper Keepers were these binders by Mead, which had flaps that flipped over the top and attached with Velcro, so as to stop papers and whatnot from falling out of them — It would “trap” and “keep” your documents, you see. Anyways, they were really popular in the late 80s and early 90s amongst school kids, and, at least at that time, would often have fun designs on them. Trapper Keepers in 2020 aren’t as artsy-fartsy as they were when I was a kid, but Mead has always kept up with the predominant design aesthetics of the time, which is probably the correct choice.

But hey! If anybody reading this works for Mead and knows if they’re looking for 80s-style Trapper Keeper designs, let them know I’m available on a freelance basis! Ha!