Slice & Dice Shredder repaint

The original Slice ‘n’ Dice Shredder figure is a hot pink and electric blue rendition of the baddest of the bad in the TMNT world.

The original color scheme.

It’s not that I have anything against neon pinks and blues — have you looked at the “Retro Art” tag here on — but, rather, these colors are incredibly unfitting for ol’ Shred-Head.

So I went back to the source, and dug out the old First Publishing color editions of the original TMNT comics. There, Shredder is clad in all-red with brown wraps. While accuracy is great, I wanted to make something that was also visually interesting to me. So I painted him a deep crimson over the pinks and blues, but left the pants black. I then grimed up the whole thing to match Eastman & Laird’s halftones, which made Shredder look like he’d won some wars.

I really like the sculpt of Slice & Dice Shredder, I just wish he had actual bladed pads, rather than the wind-up gimmick.

Maybe that’s a project for the future.

Shredder from the colorized TMNT #1 by First Publishing.