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Birthday Party!

It’s a very good friend’s birthday this weekend (Happy birthday, yo!), so I felt like…

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Hawk on a Grid

During the great Retrowave experiment of 2017, I thought it might be a good idea…

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Prom 9 From Outer Space

In 2017, my roommates and I held our second “Prom” party, this one with a…

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Past Perfection

From the Great Synthwave Experiment of 2017, this was just a fun bit of logo…

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Super Space

More sci-fi retro goodness from the Great Synthwave Experiement of 2017. I still really like…

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Just a sunrise over a mountain reflected in the water. Abstractly. From January of 2018,…

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The Night Begins to Shine

From The Great Retrowave Experiment of 2017, this piece was inspired by the Teen Titans…

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More fun from the great Synthwave Experiment of 2017! This actually started as a completely…

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Synthwave TMNT

When trying new things, it’s pretty common to want to relate them to other things…

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Samus Aran

Super Metroid is easily one of the best games on the Super NES video game…

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“Trapper” Retro Poster

I didn’t have a specific goal going into this one, I just wanted to have…

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Earth: It’s where I keep my stuff!

I feel like the title really says it all.

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Future Vision

More fun with 80s-style sci-fi goodness. The Lamborghini Countach is such a cool looking car,…

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Confetti Planet

Not based on anything in specific, just a fun, late 80s/early 90s party!

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Transformers The Movie Text Poster

Yes. That is actually the entire script of the movie. I hand-transcribed the entire thing. You…

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