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That time Magneto confronted the Red Skull

Pages from Captain America 367, 1990. Written by Mark Gruenwald,…

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She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Episode 1 thoughts

First off: THIS IS NOT A REVIEW. I don’t really…

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Firestar 2016

I was just going through old drawings, and came across…

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Avengers

After getting a Captain America Ninja Turtle sketch cover by…

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Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter character art by Bengus

Hey, you know what I like? Artwork. You know what…

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X-Men Oddity: Recycled art on the X-Cutioner’s Song Poster

While I was recently looking up Marvel Epic Collections, I…

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Upcoming Marvel Epic Collections: July-Dec 2022

Last September, I looked at a bunch of then-upcoming Marvel…

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Collecting X-Men: The Age of Apocalypse

One of the best-loved X-Men stories came out in 1995….

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Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers): Where to Start

Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel, formerly known as…

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GamePro Magazine 1992 Cover Review

Back in the day when people still read magazines, GamePro…

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Drake’s Cakes & Marvel Comics: Part 4

Read part 1 – Read part 2 – Read part…

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Drake’s Cakes & Marvel Comics: Part 3

Read part 1 Read part 2

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Drake’s Cakes & Marvel Comics: Part 2

Head back to yesterday’s post for part one!

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Drake’s Cakes & Marvel Comics: Part 1

Back when I first got into comics in 1993, Drake’s…

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OverPower Scarlet Spider Kaine custom cards

OverPower was a mid-1990s trading card game by Fleer, which,…

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