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Cobra Triumvirate Sketch

I’m like 99% sure this is from 2015, when I started listening to the Knowing…

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Gold Plastic Syndrome Viper

Above is the G.I. Joe figure, Cobra Viper v3. It was released in 1990, as…

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Work in progress: GI Joe Classified Rock ‘n’ Roll

Based on his appearances in the IDW comic series: He’s still got some touching up…

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6″ Custom Roadblock

He’s not a 100% match for the 1986 Roadblock (links to YoJoe.com), but he’s fairly close,…

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Mail Call: GI Joe Classified: Gung Ho

Newly arrived in the mail today is Gung-Ho, one of the most memorably-named members of…

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Monday Musings: “Marvel’s” Hela?

Another old social media post I liked and wanted to keep around. This post is…

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Mail Call: Belated Birthday Gifts!

I have cool friends. My buddy Dané ended up with extra Chun-Li and T. Hawk…

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Beach Head Custom Figure

In 2019, thought it would be fun if Hasbro started making six-inch G.I. Joe action…

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GI Joe Resolute

I originally wrote this as an eleven-part article over as many days back in 2010,…

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Mail day: G.I. Joe Classified Snake Eyes

My six-inch G.I. Joe collection continues to grow! YO JOE!

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