Captain Marvel vs Skrull

Captain Marvel vs Skrull

Just before the Captain Marvel movie came out in February of 2019, I worked on this drawing between work projects, over the course of a few days. We’d heard that the Skrulls, an alien race of shape-shifters, were going to be the badniks in the film, so I drew Colonel Carol Susan Jane Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, defeating a Skrull in intergalactic combat.

All the stars and “Kirby-Crackle” effects around CM’s hands were me just having way too much fun making a billionty dots everywhere. The photo of Earth is a stock image from NASA. Otherwise, everything was me, a WACOM drawing tablet, and Adobe Photoshop.

Looking at this a year and a half later, there’s a few minor things I’d like to go back and clean up, but I’m overall happy with it. I definitely like the energy.

We will be the stars we were always meant to be.

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