Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Lightning Collecton Goldar custom toy

The Gametop Exclusive release of Goldar from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Lightning Collection line is a rad six-inch, super-articulated figure. But the “gold” plastic he was cast in was just too much for me. It more resembled Goldar outside in the daylight scenes, rather than where we normally saw him — In the darkened shadows of Rita and/or Zedd’s moon palace.

This wouldn’t stand with me.

So I painted Goldar all black, and then drybrushed some metallic gold back onto his armored areas, and finished with a black wash. I wanted him to look like he’d been through a fight — Similar to how I tend to muck up TMNT toys, but not as extreme.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Goldar, and all related characters are owned by Hasbro.