Mail Call: Lord Drakkon

In another reality where Tommy Oliver never fully escaped the influence of the evil space witch, Rita Repulsa, the evil Green Ranger became at threat too big for the other Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to handle. Zordon turned Jason Lee Scott, the original Red Ranger into the White Ranger. The new White Ranger was defeated by Tommy, who then combined the White Ranger power with his evil Green Ranger powers. Dubbing himself Lord Drakkon, he would go on to corrupt Kimberly Hart, the Pink Ranger, and turn her into his Ranger Slayer.

All of the above events are depicted in BOOM! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics, which I collected for the first year and then sold off, just before all the stuff with Lord Drakkon started. I’ve gotta go back and pick those all up. One of these days.

Drakkon comes with an alternate Tommy head, interchangeable fists, the Dragon Dagger weapon, and a translucent blue explode-y blast effect, which can slip over the edge of any weapon.

I’m definitely not active in any sort of Power Rangers fandom these days, but I gotta say, these Hasbro-produced Power Rangers Lightning Collection figures have been pretty cool. The fact that we’ve gotten these two alternate-world versions of characters before ANY Ranger team has been completed just kinda shows how deep into the franchise Hasbro wants to go. Which is good, since they just bought the entire thing from Saban Entertainment.

Anyways, this figure is cool, and I’m glad I got him the same weekend that Hasbro released an alternate version of him that I don’t feel like I need to spend $50 on.

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