Mighty Muggs Green/White Ranger Custom Toy

Since the Green Ranger and the White Ranger were the same character, just with a change in powers, I thought it would be fun to make a custom Mighty Mugg that represented the two sides of the original “Sixth Ranger,” Tommy Oliver.

Since Tommy had unique armor in both forms, I sculpted shoulder pads and designed them in such a way that they would work for both sides. A lot of studying and painting later, and I ended up with a figure that you can turn around to represent either the first season and a half or the last season and a half of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:

I also happened to take some photos of the figure before adding all the black detail lines, including a couple where I swiveled the head around to get the Green Ranger helmet on the White Ranger gear, and vice-versa.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Tommy Oliver, all related characters and concepts, and Power Rangers of all colors are owned by Hasbro.

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