Knowing is Half the Podcast: Dorothy in the Land of Oz/Theme Song Throwdown

Robert Clarke-Chan had me on the back half of an episode of the (ostensibly) G.I. Joe-based show, Knowing is Half the Podcast, to be a judge as part of their THEME SONG THROWDOWN in late 2020. The whole episode is the gang reviewing the Thanksgiving special, Dorothy in the Land of Oz. I join the show at 1:13:39 to talk about the theme songs for JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS and KIDD VIDEO. Who do I choose to win? You’ll have to listen and find out!

Official show link:

Official Episode Description:

Hey Everybody!

This week we watched the Thanksgiving Special that wasn’t…Dorothy in the Land of Oz!

Yes, this cartoon, based on the books, features the terrifying characters not yet seen on the big screen til Return to Oz showed up and gave us all nightmares!

Marvel as an Evil Toy Maker named Tyrone comes within an eyelash of destroying Oz! Watch as this cartoon gets comfortable with violence!

And a Giant Turkey Balloon!


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