6″ Custom Roadblock

He’s not a 100% match for the 1986 Roadblock (links to YoJoe.com), but he’s fairly close, with the knife moved to the back.

Roadblock is made from a Marvel Legends HYDRA ENFORCER figure, with the alternate bald head. You can find this figure in a two-pack with a HYDRA SOLDIER (Links to Amazon). Or you can get the Captain America Civil War line’s NUKE (Also links to Amazon) figure and sand down his flat top, I guess? I dunno, I was able to find the ENFORCER on eBay for a decent price — But you could probably whip up something neat with the Hydra Solider if you got the two-pack.

He’s pretty much just a straight repaint, but I also folded over some electrical tape for the glove cuffs, and then painted up another couple strips of electrical tape and added them as the sleeve cuffs. Faster and easier than sculpting anything!

I chose a darker green for the vest, to try and match the Sunbow animation model. Also, I felt it looked more like camouflage than the bright green of the original toy.

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