Transformers Cyberchrome Optimus Prime ReAction Figure

The thing about it is, after nearly 40 years, Optimus Prime is still the face of Transformers. As a result, even though he’s far from my favorite character, he ends up getting a lot of releases. This is the third Optimus Prime ReAction Figure I’ve covered — not counting my custom Powered Convoy repaint — and there’s still more of them to go!

Cyberchrome Optimus Prime is a Target-exclusive release. But as I’ve mentioned before, the audience for these things isn’t nearly as cutthroat as other toy lines, so “exclusive” isn’t a problem with this line like it is for anything in the 6-inch scale.

The difference between this Optimus and others? Metallic paint. That’s it.

He’s pretty eye-catching, and he DOES stand out on the shelf. But if you already have the regular OP, you can probably skip this one.

Optimus Prime, Transformers, and all related characters are owned by Hasbro.

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