Super7 ReAction Powered Convoy custom toy

How many blue Optimus Prime repaints can I make?

I dunno, how many G1 Optimus Prime toys are there?

Super7 is a smaller company who made their name selling vinyl toys. Around 2010, they got the rights to the Aliens franchise, and released a line of 3.75″ action figures based on toys by Kenner that never got released back in the early 1980s. A decade later, Super7’s “ReAction” line has expanded to include pop culture franchises from every corner of geekdom. And the Transformers line is among them.

While the 6-inch Marvel Legends-style toys are generally the current standard for action figures, I’ve been a fan of the 3.75-inch scale for years, despite not really ever getting involved with it. The smaller figures mean less plastic and a lower cost, plus you can fit more figures in a smaller space than with their larger counterparts.

Anyways, right before I got laid off in March, I bought a handful of 3.75″ figures to experiment with, in terms of customizing. Of course I was going to make a Powered Convoy when I realized that Optimus Prime was an option.

This was a much more fun and much faster project than the R.E.D. Series Powered Convoy or Fire Guts Ginrai toys, due to the figure being both significantly smaller, as well as the overall lack of articulation — The fact that only the shoulders and hips and neck swivel, and there are no other moving parts meant that I didn’t have to spent as much time worrying about getting paint into those double-hinge elbow and knee joints, etc., etc. I got to focus on the part of customizing I like best, which is the painting.

Anyways, here’s a bunch of Powered Convoys I’ve made:

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