X-Men ’97 Trailer

Well this looks enticing.

The 1992 X-Men animated series is the thing that got me into comics in the first place, and is pretty much the reason for… like, MOST of the things on this website.

I’m aware that, 30 years later, there’s no way that this show can be EXACTLY like the previous one. Some of the voice actors have passed away. There are different writers and showrunners, although I understand that there is some involvement from the original team — But even THEY have 30 years more life experience behind them. Shows are made differently, society in general thinks and acts very differently about things like inclusivity and bigotry than it did in 1992… Partly BECAUSE of the lessons taught in the original X-Men Animated Series.

But, the 90s X-Men is MY X-Men. Sure, there are cool runs and stories that have been told since. But from X-Men (vol 2) #1 in 1991 thru the 40-something issue Age of Apocalypse crossover story in 1995 is always where my brain goes first when thinking about X-Men comics.

So getting a new show based on that time period is exactly what I want.

I hope the show is good.

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