Hurting Other People Retro Poster

This was done for a co-worker back in 2017. I haven’t played it, but they were a fan of the game Hotline Miami. I showed them all the retro stuff I had been working on, and he requested that I make them one for their living room, and this is what I came up with.

It’s been a few years since I made this, but from what I remember, I think most of the individual element is taken from online sources, but each one was altered and assembled by me. For example, the photo of the beach? I added the “glitch” style effects.

The stars in the sky and the “scanline” effects were all me, though.

Anyways, this was a fun project to work on. I haven’t talked to said coworker in almost 4 years, so I figure that this is fair enough to post without them saying anything.

Hotline Miami was created by (and is presumably owned by) Dennaton Games.