More fun from the great Synthwave Experiment of 2017!

This actually started as a completely different concept, but I eventually kept poking at it until it ended up here. It’s one of my favorite things that I’ve accidentally stumbled into.

When I initially posted this on social media, the following were some of the responses I got:

Friend 1: Looks like the intro to a 90’s science show

Friend 2: A math-and-science show, I think. We’ve got a sphere, some rectangles, some non-eculidean geometry, a pyramid that doesn’t look like it’s a prism…

Friend 3: Having mentioned that I now see it as a textbook cover. But it has to be for a topic that’s completely odd for such a cover. Like, hell, I dunno, Pediatrics III or something.

I kinda love those comments, because none of them are wrong.

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