X-Men Oddity: Recycled art on the X-Cutioner’s Song Poster

While I was recently looking up Marvel Epic Collections, I came across this poster for the 1992 X-Men Event, The X-Cutioner’s Song:

This was a poster that hung in comic stores to hype readers for the event. While I was looking at it, I realized, hey, Rogue, Havok and Professor X look strangely familiar! And then I realized where I knew the art for those three characters came from:

I mean, Marvel definitely owned the art for these 1992 Marvel Universe Series 3 trading cards. And there are some minor changes to the colors, plus a glow effect added to Havok’s plasma blasts. But! That’s definitely the same art.

I don’t recognize the art for any of the other characters, but maybe you do! That Cable, for example, looks like he could have been drawn by Mike Mignola — Imagine him with red skin, and he looks kinda like Hellboy!

If you know where any of the other art on this poster came from, sound off in the comments!