There is a Transformer named SHREDDICUS MAXIMUS

…and that’s awesome.

In 2016, Hasbro released an update to the Power Master Optimus Prime toy from 1988 — That was the one that had a smaller Optimus Prime that combined with his trailer to create a super robot. But the new one had much more engineering, allowing for the combined mode to be able to do more than just swivel his arms up and down — He had full range of motion in all directions for his shoulders, hips, elbows, knees, and more! The original Power Master Optimus Prime (PMOP) was, as his name implies, a Power Master: He came with a smaller robot named Hi-Q that transformed into an engine that attached to Prime’s grill. Upon connection, Optimus could then convert into robot mode.

Power Master Optimus Prime (1988). Image from

The update was part of the TITANS RETURN toyline, where all of the toys were “Titan Masters” — their smaller partner bots turned into their heads! So instead of engine block Hi-Q, Optimus’ regular robot mode got a transforming head named “Apex.” In a fun nod to deeper Transformers lore, Apex’s head mode was designed to resemble Orion Pax, which was Optimus’ identity before he became leader of the Autobots.

Power Master Optimus Prime (2016). Image from

The following year, as a convention exclusive, Hasbro released a new version of the new Power Master Optimus Prime toy, painted in black and gold deco:

Black-and-Gold PMOP repaint. Image from

But instead of Apex, the black-and-gold PMOP came with a new Titan Master partner, who ALSO came with a hover board (complete with officially-licensed PRIMITIVE Skateboarding logos) and a ramp/rail accessory. This new Titan Master partner had the most radical name of any Transformer ever:

Shreddicus Maximus!

Shreddicus Maximus. Image from

I kinda wish I could get one, but since this was a convention exclusive, it tends to go for way more money than I want to spend on a repaint with a cool name.

And honestly, I really just want it for the name.

The Transformers, Optimus Prime, Apex, Shreddicus Maximus, and Hi-Q are all probably or definitely registered trademarks of Hasbro and/or Takara. All images from, used without permission, under creative commons license.

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