The King of the Dead Custom Toy

Back in 2005, I ended up with an extra toy of McFarlane Toys’ Total Chaos line Conqueror. What was I going to with an extra one of these guys?

Customize one! 

Since the head was molded to be all ripped up and mutilated, I painted it to match. The yellow teeth match the little splotches of skull poking out, and the green eyes were inspired by Spawn – Which, all things considered, I felt was rather appropriate. 

The skull on his belt is sculpey, while the cape comes from a Toy Biz X-Men vs. Street Fighter Zangief figure. I’ve got absolutely no idea where that crown came from. It just showed up in my bedroom one day. The crown was actually red and gold, as you see it, though it was molded in translucent red plastic, so I painted over it. Finally, the sword came from a 5-inch Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Goldar figure. The sword was originally fully gold plastic. I figured it should match the figure’s armor, and the jewels were painted green to match the crown and eyes. 

The King of the Dead was created by me, Psycho Andy!

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