Summerslam 2003 Triple H Custom Toy

Shortly before Summerslam 2003, Triple H tore a muscle in his groin. Since he was the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and was already scheduled to be in the main event, he toughed it out and wrestled the match anyways, wearing compression shorts for extra support.

I thought it was a pretty unique look, so I made my own custom figure of it, using a Titan Tron Live-style WWE Triple H figure, and I used Sculpey III to add elbow pads and articulated knee pads. I don’t remember which figures specifically the sledgehammer or championship belt came from, but they were appropriate accessories!

These photos are tagged Sept 8, 2003. Summerslam in 2003 happened on August 24th, which means I made this custom probably within days of the event.

Triple H, Summerslam and WWE are all owned by TKO Holdings Group, Inc.

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