JAZZ, the Nacho Cheese Autobot

This is Transformers Legacy Evolution G2 Universe Autobot Jazz. That’s too many words for a character whose name is only four letters long — “Jazz.”

Nacho Cheese Flavored Jazz

“But Andy,” I hear you say. “Jazz wasn’t ORANGE, he was white and black with blue accents!”

And you’re right! Jazz USUALLY looks something like this:

Image from BotchTheCrab.com

But in the early 1990s, Transformers was in the middle of its first resurgence — “Generation 2.” A lot of the toys were released in absolutely WILD colors, and with a bunch of different accessories. Over the years since, a rather surprisingly large number of unreleased-but-planned repaints have been unearthed, including an orange Jazz with 90s confetti designs. Check it out:

Every time I see this image, I want Doritos.

And nearly 30 years later, Hasbro finally released a toy inspired by this colorway! Weird, right?

Possibly even weirder is that this is the first new, non-ReAction, Transformers toy that I’ve bought for myself since 2019.

Here are a couple of official Hasbro images of Nacho Cheese Jazz, because their photos are way fancier than mine will ever be:

Transformers, Autobots, Generation 2, Jazz, and all related characters and concepts are owned by some combination of Hasbro and Takara Tomy.

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