Hal Jordan Mighty Muggs

In the late 00’s Hasbro made their way into the vinyl toy business with a line called MIGHTY MUGGS. They were all effectively the same basic figure, but with new paint apps, and maybe one different piece here or there; For example, the Ghost Rider had flames on his head, and some of the robots used the same antenna/horn pieces.

At the same time, DC Comics’ Green Lantern comics were in the midst of introducing other Lantern corps of the “emotional spectrum,” each represented by a different color — In addition to the Green Lanterns of Willpower, there were the Red Lanterns of Rage, the Orange Lantern of Avarice, the Yellow Lanterns of Fear, the Blue Lanterns of Hope, the Indigo Tribe of Compassion, and the Star Sapphires of Love. They later also introduced the White Lanterns of Life and the Black Lanterns of Death.

In an attempt to cash in on two of the latest trends at the time, I made a bunch of Hal Jordan Mighty Muggs — Hal was the main Green Lantern at the time — representing each of the five colors that had been introduced so far, at the time. I put these up on eBay, and they all ended up selling to the same person, so that was cool.

These toys paid my rent that month.

Hal Jordan, Green Lantern, and all associated characters and concepts are owned by DC Comics, a division of Warner Bros-Discovery.

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