CM Punk Mighty Mugg Custom Toy

It’s easy to forget in 2023, but before Funko POP!s took over the vinyl toy market, Mighty Muggs were real popular for like 6 months between 2009 and 2010. And during that time I made a bunch of them. This custom paint job based on pro wrestler CM Punk was commissioned by a customer at my family’s old comic store, Comic Zone, who didn’t understand that I was going to charge them for the time it took me to paint this guy up. I ended up selling it on eBay to someone who understood that art takes time and work. As a result, I only have the above photos of the toy.

Based on Punk’s look in 2008/2009 before he cut his hair and got that dragon tattoo on his chest, I did the best I could to replicate the major tattoos on his arms without also driving myself insane (says “Psycho” Andy). I chose to do the black/yellow gear with the Chicago Flag stars, as his debut gear in WWE was black-and-yellow as well.

CM Punk is a registered trademark of Phil Brooks. Mighty Muggs are owned by Hasbro.

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