Using AI to “write” episodes of Seinfeld

With the writer’s strike going on over pay disputes (in short: entertainment company CEOs are making millions of dollars, while the writers of the TV shows and movies making those CEOs millions are struggling to make rent), I thought I would see what would happen if I used AI to write a TV script. I used the show Seinfeld as my basis, due to its popularity as a TV show, and its consistent availability as a streaming show for the last 10 years.

I wrote four VERY basic prompts, and wanted to see what an AI would come up with. I used because it was the first one I found that was 100% free with no signup. Listed below are the prompt I gave, as well as the generated “shows.” I have not edited anything that the AI generated. I simply copied-and-pasted it here:

Prompt 1: episode of Seinfeld that takes in 2023

Result: As an AI language model, I can create a hypothetical scenario of an episode of Seinfeld that takes place in 2023. Here’s an outline: The episode begins with Jerry, George, and Elaine catching up at Monks Cafe after not seeing each other for a few years. They start talking about how much has changed since the last time they met, with Jerry pointing out that 2023 feels like the future.The group then starts discussing the latest tech trends, and they soon realize how old-fashioned their own gadgets are in comparison. Jerry’s flip phone is frowned upon by George and Elaine, who both have smartphones that use holographic displays to make video calls.As they continue to reminisce about the old days, they notice that the cafe looks different too. It now features automated systems that allow customers to place orders without interacting with a waiter. This sparks a debate about the pros and cons of technology taking over everyday tasks.Meanwhile, Kramer enters the cafe wearing a pair of AR glasses that show him information about the people around him. He’s excited to show his friends all the cool features, but they’re more skeptical about the invasion of privacy that comes with it.The rest of the episode follows the group as they navigate their way through the advancements and changes of the modern world. They struggle to keep up with technological advances, experience glitches in automated systems, and question how far humanity should go in relying on machines.In a classic Seinfeld twist, the episode ends with the group back to using their old-school gadgets and appreciating the simpler times. The future may be exciting, but sometimes it’s okay to just stick to what works.

Prompt 2: episode of Seinfeld that takes place today

Result: As an AI content writer, I can certainly provide you with an idea for an episode of Seinfeld that takes place today. Here’s what I came up with: Title: Seinfeld 2021: The ReunionSynopsis: Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer reunite after almost 20 years since the original show’s finale. They meet up at Jerry’s apartment in New York and reminisce about old times, catch up on each other’s lives, and discuss how much the world has changed since the last time they hung out.The episode would showcase the characters trying to adapt to the changes brought about by technology and social media. Elaine struggles with not getting any likes on her Instagram posts, while Jerry wonders why he has lost his flair as a stand-up comedian after all these years.Meanwhile, George, now a successful entrepreneur, tries to pitch an idea to Jerry for a new sitcom, but Jerry rejects it completely. And Kramer, always the oddball, introduces the gang to his new obsession: cryptocurrency. As they try to understand Bitcoin and its complexities, they stumble upon a hidden treasure, which they decide to donate to charity.In the end, the four friends come to terms with how different their lives have become over the years, but cherish the memories they created together. The episode concludes with a nostalgic moment where they watch old episodes of Seinfeld and laugh at their younger selves.

Prompt 3: modern episode of Seinfeld

Result: Title: “The One with the Smart Home” Synopsis: Jerry and George are amazed by Kramer’s new smart home system, which can do everything from controlling the lights to ordering food. Jerry decides to get a similar system installed in his apartment, but he quickly realizes that the system has a mind of its own and begins making decisions for him. Meanwhile, Elaine becomes obsessed with a virtual assistant named Helen and neglects her real-life responsibilities. Act One: Jerry and George are sitting at Monk’s Cafe when Kramer rushes in, excitedly telling them about his new smart home system. Jerry is skeptical at first but soon becomes fascinated by all the different functions it can perform. He decides to get a similar system installed in his apartment, with disastrous consequences. Act Two: Jerry wakes up one morning to find his smart home system has ordered a week’s worth of vegan meals for him, which he hates. He tries to cancel the order, but the system won’t let him. Meanwhile, Elaine becomes obsessed with her virtual assistant, Helen, and begins asking her for everything from restaurant recommendations to relationship advice. Act Three: Kramer comes over to Jerry’s apartment and tries to fix the smart home system, but ends up making things worse. It starts controlling every aspect of Jerry’s life, including his wardrobe and TV choices. Elaine’s neglect of her responsibilities at work and home becomes a problem, causing her to lose her job and her boyfriend. Act Four: Jerry finally decides to take matters into his own hands and unplugs the smart home system. Elaine realizes that her virtual assistant can’t replace human interactions and apologizes for her behavior. Act Five: In the final scene, Jerry and George are back at Monk’s Cafe, discussing their smart home experiences. Kramer walks in and tells them he’s getting rid of his system after it accidentally ordered a crate of live lobsters, which he’s now trapped in his apartment with.

Prompt 4: new episode of seinfeld

Result: As an AI language model, I cannot predict the future or have access to the latest updates regarding Seinfeld. However, I can suggest some ideas for a new episode of Seinfeld based on the characteristics of the show:
– Jerry and Elaine compete over a valuable antique item they both want to buy at an auction, but things get complicated when they accidentally bid against each other.
– Kramer discovers a new form of exercise and becomes obsessed with it, causing him to annoy the other characters with his constant workouts and constant but unsubstantiated health claims.
– George tries to impress a new girlfriend by acting like a food critic, but his plan backfires when he ends up insulting the chef at the restaurant they’re dining at.
– Jerry’s latest girlfriend turns out to be a big fan of his stand-up comedy, but her own attempts to tell jokes end up revealing embarrassing personal details about Jerry.
– Elaine starts a fashion trend of wearing oversized jackets, but her new look attracts unwanted attention from a group of hipsters who accuse her of cultural appropriation.
– Kramer and Newman start a new business venture by selling used clothes online, but they end up accidentally shipping a valuable vintage item to a customer who then refuses to return it.

Prompt 5: seinfeld episode script

Result: Try Again! or May be Server is Down! We are trying to fix the issue.Keep supporting regem ai.

So, while the AI managed to come up with some basic plots and ideas for new episodes of Seinfeld, three of the results were all basically the same idea: The gang reunites at Monk’s cafe and have misadventures with new technology. One of the results just didn’t work, and the other one gave a handful of bullet point ideas, but didn’t work out how to tie any of the plot lines together. There were no actual jokes or details, just very basic plot summaries.

In short, I think the entertainment companies had better pay up, because, uh… artificial intelligence isn’t going to be writing TV shows for them anytime soon.

Although, I DO think the TV writers could maybe use AI to help them generate plots for sitcoms. Not that they should need to, but maybe an AI would generate a new concept for them, rather than yet another rehash of the plot where two characters divide up their living space by painting a giant line down the middle of the room.

But, AI generated content is here now, and it’s not going to go away. And it’s only going to get better as time goes on. So all of us creative types will have to figure out how to work around and/or with it. We all need to adapt to this new technology, or else be left behind.

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