Sylvanna Kalorien Re-Draw has been online since 2005. People who visited my site WAY back in those early days may remember this old drawing of Sylvanna Kalorien from 1998:

Sylvanna, more commonly called “Sylver,” was one of my regular roleplay friends back in the late 1990s in America Online’s fantasy world known as Rhydin. If you weren’t around for that, Imagine it like a giant D&D game with no Dungeon Master, but rules that were agreed upon by the community.

I’ve gotten a little better at drawing in the last TWENTY-FIVE years, so I thought it was time to update this one:

Sylver was definitely one of my favorite characters in RhyDin. She had a thick brogue and threw out occasional elven phrases, which were, I believe, inspired by Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series? I could be remembering that wrong — Again, it’s been over two decades. Those were fun times.

I haven’t spoken to the woman that played Sylvanna since probably around 2000 or 01. I’d love to show this to her, but the only way I’d know to contact her are old AOL screen names that have probably been defunct for over 20 years.

Sylvanna “Sylver” Kalorien was, to the best of my knowledge, created by Corie Sprague.

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