Cody Rhodes is like…

WWE Wrestler Cody Rhodes has had some pretty fun entrance themes over the years, but they all have something in common.

From 2010, “Smoke and Mirrors”:

From later that year, when he had his face disfigured, “Only One Can Judge”:

From 2011 when he got his face fixed, an update of “Smoke and Mirrors”:

From 2013 when Cody was in a tag team with his brother Goldust, WWE mashed up their two themes to create “Gold and Smoke”:

And now his current theme, “Kingdom,” performed by the band Downstait:

Did you catch the ongoing element in all of these songs? Check it out:

Cody Rhodes is Like Whoa.

All of these songs are owned by WWE, except for “Kingdom,” which is owned by Downstait.

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