Loss of digital media: I can’t watch a show I paid for.

Well it finally happened to me.

A digital copy of a show that I bought and paid for randomly became unavailable to me with literally no warning. What’s even weirder, is I was watched an episode of this very show just last week! What show isn’t important — It’s something that’s just been taken from me.

This is why I’m still buying DVDs and BluRays of my favorite shows and movies. I paid for these episodes just a couple of years ago, and now they’re just gone. This is why I care about what happens to the WWE tape library when that company is sold.

This is different than a show getting cycled out of a streaming service, like Netflix of Hulu. I spent money on this show specifically via Google Play so that I would have access to watch it on YouTube literally whenever I wanted, on any device that can connect to YouTube — My computer, my phone, my tablet, whatever. And now it’s just gone. I don’t know why, or if it’s ever coming back, or what the future holds.

And because the series is owned by one of the major studios, I couldn’t download copies to my harddrive, so… there’s literally nothing I can do about it.

The convenience of digital copies of shows and music is great, but always remember: When it comes to digital copies, you don’t actually own anything, and it can be taken away from you at any moment.

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