2022 Finale: Transformers ReAction Figures

Ultra Magnus, Wreck-Gar, Unicron, Sharkticon, and Cyclonus. Apparently, I forgot to order the Quintesson also in this wave.

Magnus is cool. In addition to the standard ReAction Figure shoulder, hip, and neck swivel joints, the rocket launchers on his shoulders swivel around to be positioned however you like. He comes with a bug honkin’ gun.

Wreck-Gar, leader of the Junkion tribe, comed with a blaster and an axe. His wiry beard limits how much his head can turn, and his wheel shield can’t be removed from his left forearm. But that’s alright, it would just be another accessory to lose.

The Sharkticon’s silly little arms swivel all the way around, and its legs can kick. The club section at the tip of its tail can swivel around, but isn’t removable like the old toy — again, that would just be another accessory to lose. But hey! The jaw opens and closes for munching!

Cyclonus… is there. And I forgot to photograph him before opening. I love that character, but the figure is maybe my least favorite ReAction Transformer. I think it’s the shades of purple that Super7 chose. They’re just… too dark. Also, we now have Galvatron and Cyclonus, but not Scourge, so that trio is incomplete. Maybe he’ll feel better once we also get Scourge. Or at least Tailgate so I can recreate the melodramatic scenes from some IDW comics.

And then there’s Unicron. The Big U is based on an unreleased prototype toy from 1986 (see the TF Wiki for more), and towers above the 3.75” figures at a whopping six inches, like Devastator. Unfortunately, his slavish similarities to that toy prototype severely limit his poseability. It’s a fun concept for a toy, but unless you NEED a six-inch Unicron RIGHT NOW, or you think the idea of SOMEBODY finally releasing this toy design is funny, you can maybe skip this one.

Overall, I’m glad to be able to continue expanding my Transformers ReAction collection. There’s just a few major The Transformers: The Movie characters that Super7 haven’t yet released (the aforementioned Scourge, plus Kup, Springer, Wheelie, Blurr, and maybe a more “proper” Unicron) before that collection is finished. Then… 100 Starscream repaints, I guess.

with some of the other TFTM ReAction toys

I hope you all have a wonderful 2023! Happy New Year!

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