Hawk & CrOctober Day 31 – Zombie Fire Raven

From the story that wasn’t!

After Fire Raven met her ultimate fate in New Hawk & Croc Chapter 2, I had an idea to bring her back as a zombie and deal with Hawk seeing his late wife resurrected, but also not herself. Plans changed as we went along, and I think what we did ended up being more in tone with the rest of the comic.

But, still. What if we HAD done a zombie Fire Raven story? Maybe she would be able to create & manipulate blood in her afterlife like she could with fire in her actual life? That would be… pretty gross, actually.

That’s it. Hawk & CrOctober is done. Thank to those of you who kept visiting all month as I went along this journey. I hope you enjoyed coming back and seeing new art of these 20-year-old characters.

Happy Halloween!

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