Hawk & CrOctober Day 2 – Zsuzsanna Caine

Zsuzsanna Caine – whose first name is pronounced like “Susanna” – was the vampire that kidnapped Croc & Alli’s baby in the first chapter of New Hawk & Croc. Which is, by sheer coincidence, also where yesterday’s character, Hikage, debuted. Hm.

I’m still shaking off the ink drawing rust, but today’s image came ot me a lot quicker than yesterday’s. Doing all those curly-q’s in the hair was fun. When actually drawing the comic, I draw everything digitally, so I’m able to cut in those streaks in Zsuzsanna’s hair. It’s hard to erase ink, so it’s just all black

Betcha didn’t know she had pointy ears, didja?

Come back tomorrow for more!

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