Hawk & CrOctober Day 15 – Z-Croc

In the possible alternate future known as Hawk & Croc: Generation 2, Croc and Alli’s daughter, Lizzie, inherits her father’s electric powers, and becomes the superheroine Z-Croc!

Brandon told me about the idea of Z-Croc many years before we even had the idea to actually do H&C G2. Interestingly, at the time, he told me her code name was pronounced “Zed-Croc,” as “Z” is pronounced “Zed” and not “Zee” in every country that isn’t the United States. I’m not sure if that’s still the canon pronounciation. But! We DID have Lizzie’s best friend, Dani, call her “Zee” a couple of times — Both because it’s short for “Liz-ZEE,” and because it could be the beginning of “Z-Croc.”

Come back tomorrow for more!

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