Hawk & CrOctober Day 14 – Fire Raven

October 14th is established as Beth’s birthday, so of course she had to be the subject of today’s piece. I learned a lot about drawing wings in the Shadow Vulture piece several days ago, and applied those lessons to these wings. I drew them in about half the time, and I think they look a significantly better.

On one hand, I don’t regret killing Fire Raven off, as I think it allows Hawk & Croc to become better characters without her being the best hero in town. On the other hand, I do miss having her around, and so having her appear as this heavenly/valkyrie version in New Hawk & Croc Chapter 5 was a fun way to bring her back, but obviously only temporarily.

Maybe we’ll do some more with this design some day.

Come back tomorrow for more!

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