Marvel Legends Juggernat Repaint

I don’t know if you noticed, but I have a whole section of this website dedicated to alternate colors for characters in Capcom fighting games.

In 1996, Capcom released X-Men vs Street Fighter, crossing over two of the biggest media franchises of the early 1990s. Naturally, one of the X-Men’s deadliest foes, the Juggernaut, was a playable character in the game. But since all of these types of games allow both players to use the same character, everyone needs an alternate color so that the players can differentiate who is which Juggernaut. Capcom came up with this cool grey alternate color for Juggs:

In 2004, Toy Biz was releasing the sixth wave of their industry-redefining MARVEL LEGENDS toy line (a line that’s now in the hands of Hasbro and still going strong, EIGHTEEN YEARS LATER), and included a Juggernaut figure in that series, complete with a comic book reprint of his first full story (his first appearance is at the very end of the previous issue):

image stolen from an eBay auction

A few years later, I ended up with that very Marvel Legends Juggernaut figure, and thought it would be fun to paint him up to resemble my favorite of Juggs’ alternate colors. So I did just that:

Sadly, I don’t have this toy anymore. I ended up selling him on eBay for a hefty chunk of change something like a decade ago. Weirdly, he ended up back in Massachusetts. I looked up the shipping address before I sent him off, and it was just a few blocks from one of the houses I lived in as a kid.

By coincidence, in around 2004, Juggernaut wore a grey version of his costume, although it wasn’t EXACTLY the X-Men vs Street Fighter variant:

Yellow trunks on the outside, Juggernaut? Really?

X-Men, Juggernaut, and all related characters are property of Marvel Comics. Street Fighter and all related characters and concepts are owned by Capcom. X-Men vs. Street Fighter is owned by Capcom, with characters licensed from Marvel.

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