Bone Golem miniature

I was at a game shop recently, and finally decided to try my hand at painting tabletop RPG miniatures. The first one I picked up was a Pathfinder Battles figure from Wizkids, called a Bone Golem.

Pathfinder is a game that’s basically Dungeons & Dragons for people who preferred one of the older editions of D&D and didn’t want to have to re-learn a whole bunch of mechanics.

The 2 inch miniature came unpainted:

So I made it all boney and sinewy:

This was a fun project! It was somewhat relieving to be able to just cut loose on the painting, and not have to worry about proper color matching or accuracy to source material. Bone Golems, like all fantasy tabletop RPG games, are purely fictional. And each one can be unique.

One of my friends said this looked like the Power Rangers villain Lord Zedd if he was drawn by comic artist Sam Kieth. I took that as a compliment.

I bought a few more of these minis, and will be posting them in the upcoming weeks.

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