Comic Book Christmas in July 2022

The Cartoonist Kayfabe YouTube Channel has designated the last Satuday in July to be Comic Book Christmas in July. This year is the first annual celebration, where particpants go out and donate comics to their local lending libraries. The idea is to try and get more comics readers by donating things you have multiple copies of, or something you’re not going to read again, or even just to de-clutter a little bit.

I donated so much that I had to start stacking things on top:

A lot of the trade paperbacks/graphic novels I donated are things I ended up buying again as part of Marvel Epic Collections, but there were plenty of other goodies in there. I even stuffed a bunch of single issues inside the door. I brought as much stuff as I could fit in my backpack and still be able to carry it for the half-mile walk.

Head on over to to find a lending library in your neighborhood.

And, y’know. Play by the rules. If you take a book, leave a book. Don’t be a jerk.

Do good.

Update: 5 hours later, all of the stuff I had stacked on top was gone! Hopefully whoever took them will share them around and create more comics fans, too

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