Robot Heroes Energon Unicron Custom Toy

The planet-devouring Unicron was released as one of the adorable two-inch Robot Heroes toys. At the time, Unicron only had one look that I was aware of — That of his original orange-and-silver look from 1986’s The Transformers: the Movie. But Hasbro has released a weird repaint of their 2003 Transformers: Armada Unicron toy as part of its sequel series, Transformers: Energon in 2004. Score!

I tell you what, all that cybernetic paneling was a real pain in the ass to paint on such an itty-bitty scale!

Unicron, the Transformers, and all related characters and concepts are co-owned by TakaraTomy and Hasbro.

And with that… I’m done with my backlog of art to post! What? Come back tomorrow to find out what’s happening next!

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