Heroes of Cybertron Hotlink custom toy

More fun with obscure Transformers characters! From the very first episode, More Than Meets The Eye, pt. 1, comes Hotlink! He’s from the same scene as Sunstorm, whom I’ve talked about previously, and Bitstream, who is the blue one.

Same deal as Bitstream: shortly after he and Hotlink got names, I decided that I should make repaints of them to add to my Decepticon jet army of three-inch Heroes of Cybertron figurines. I decided to make Bitstream and Hotlink match each other, which is why Hotlink has white thighs on my toy, rather than the black ones he had in the cartoon.

The Transformers and all related characters are owned by either Hasbro or Takara, depending on what country you’re in. International copyright and trademark laws are weird!

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