Unused Hawk & Raven Illustration

The story that ended up becoming Hawk & Raven actually started as a NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writer’s Month) project. There was a whole subplot about Hawk and Beth moving in next door to a couple that were basically Red and Kitty from That 70’s Show, and I have no idea what I was going to do with those characters other than just have them be there because I thought it was funny at the time? Anyways.

After that particular year proved that, nah, I’m not interested in writing novels (at least, not at the time? We’ll see what the future holds!), I figured maybe I could at least still use elements of the story for some sort of H&C-related updates.

Brandon & I decided to stick with the comic format, so I took that story, removed the side characters, wrote a middle section (I’d already written the beginning and ending!), and turned it into the 25-page H&R we know and love today.

But one of the other ideas I had was to post a chunk of text at a time, along with a single illustration. Today’s update is a sketch at what that might’ve looked like:

“That’s the last of them,” Hawk said, bringing in a cardboard box to their meager one-bedroom house. For a young couple just starting out on their own, it was all they could afford – Despite the low property values of Justice City, which had become the crime capital of New England. Fortunately, the home also included a one-car garage, so Beth’s car would be relatively safe. 

“Well, that’s the best we can do until the movers arrive, tomorrow. It’s a good thing your futon fit in the floor on the backseat, so at least we’ll have somewhere to sleep.”

“And you wanted to sell that thing. Psh, I told you it would come in handy, someday,” Hawk smirked.

Beth giggled slightly. “Okay, okay. You were right – This one time. That’s hardly something to be bragging about, love.”

“ONE time? Wait, I seem to be right about lots of things,” Hawk playfully argued.”

“Oh yeah? Name two!”

“Well, there was the time that I…uh. And then there was the time that I… hm. Okay. This one time.” 

“C’mon. These boxes aren’t going to unpack themselves.”

“Y’know, Beth, I was thinking, I’m actually pretty hungry. I know that we’re on a pretty tight budget until we get new jobs, but what if we run to a fast food place and grab some dinner, first? I unpack much better on a full stomach.”

At Dariaan’s suggestion, Beth realized she was hungry, too. “Alright, that sounds like a good idea. After all, one night of eating out shouldn’t break the bank too badly. Where do you want to go?”

“Heck if I know. I don’t even know what there is around here. Let’s just go for a walk and pick somewhere. It’ll give us a chance to check out the neighborhood, besides.”

“You’re just full of good ideas, tonight. What happened?”

Hawk grinned. “You told me to take things more seriously. I can be serious, see?”

Beth smiled despite herself. “Alright, let me grab my purse and let’s go.”

This chunk of text ended up becoming Hawk & Raven pages 2-3, which you can read by clicking this sentence!

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