Hawk & Croc’s Justice League International Tribute

Using the art from the Hawk & Croc wallpapers I made back in 2004, Brandon whipped up this H&C-themed tribute to 1986’s Justice League International #1:

Brandon will be the first to say that he has no artistic talent, but I appreciate that he put the redhead in green at the bottom with his snarky line, and he matched up Jacky and Shazam’s spots, as they’re both in red. Black Canary and Diamond Ace are both women in blue, so they get to be in about the same spot. And both Bark and Mister Miracle share color palettes as well! And then Hawk and Fire Raven are on the other side, presumably because someone had to be.

So despite his claims of not being an artist, I can see that some thought went into this!

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