Hawk & Croc’s 19th Anniversary

That’s RIGHT, Crawkers! It’s March 1st, so prepare for way too many posts about my webcomic series, Hawk And Croc, co-created by myself and my good friend, Brandon A. Mayo!

Today’s post is an image I did that could have been the cover to a collection of the original Hawk & Croc Classic stories! It’s a cool image, but there’s one big problem with it: Hawk and Croc aren’t the central focus of the collage! It DEFINITELY makes it seem that Fire Raven is the main character. It even took me a second to remember WHERE Hawk was on this thing!

This is a cool layout for an image, but it’s a bad representation of the series. It gives false expectations. I DO like the weird filter effect background, though. That’s pretty neat.

Come back tomorrow, and probably close to every day this month for SO much crawkin‘ action! Unseen art! Character sketches! Storyline pitches! Unused material! I’m giving away so many the behind-the-scenes secrets, you’ll think I’m… well, Psycho!

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