Hawk & Croc: The Board Game?

Okay, so let’s start with this: I never finished this game, and the above graphic was a “it could be something like this” idea.

But here’s the basic premise: Each player chooses one of six heroes: Hawk, Croc, Fire Raven, Diamond Ace, Code Redd, or Jacky Nightblade. Each player would have their own stats, where they got like a +1 or +2 in speed or attack or whatever, and either more or fewer hit points. Whatever worked out to make them all kind of balanced, but playing as one of the heroes would be like playing on Easy Mode, and one of them would be like playing on Hard Mode (not sure who!).

Players take turn rolling a six-sided die and move that many spaces, then follow the directions on the space. Pretty generic, pretty easy… until you hit the Boss squares!

When you land on a Boss square, you draw a card from the Boss Card deck. All of the bosses — Gila, Ministry, Masklaw, Octocado, Frostbyte, etc., etc., would also have their own stats, just like the heroes. First the boss rolls their die, and then the player rolls their die. If the player rolls a higher attack, the boss takes a hit, equal to the attach number on that characters’ card. But if the boss rolls a higher attack, then the player takes a hit!

If a player loses all their hit points in a Boss Battle, they move back to the beginning of the row they’re currently on. So losing a fight doesn’t automatically mean you’re out, but there is a detriment.

I think I’d want to have a rule that you’d need at least X number of Boss cards, before you could make it to the final boss, Quagmire. And he’d be the most powerful character in the game.

The first player to defeat Quagmire is the winner!

Anyways, you can’t play the game because I never finished making the Hero and Boss cards. But, maybe someday!

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