Hawk & Croc Apocrypha: Fire Raven’s High School Diary

I don’t know what I was ever going to do with this, but at some point in 2005, I took a couple of nights to write out the events of Hawk & Croc’s School Daze/Fire Raven Adventures as though it was Fire Raven’s diary. We’d already covered this story in BOTH School Daze AND FRA, so I don’t know what good going over it a third time was going to do. Regardless, it’s something I did that I wanted to preserve digitally, so here we are.

Rather than do high-res scans of the pages with handwriting that’s barely legible to me at this point, I just typed these up for you to enjoy. I even went so far as to strike thru the words that I had scribbled out. Definitely go read Fire Raven Adventures to see what the canonical version of this story looked like.

September 7, 1997

Dear Diary,

You’ll never believe what happened to me, today. Future versions of Dariaan & his buddy, Croc, traveled back from the year 2004, and gave me a mystical earring that gives me the ability to heat the molecules in the air, and control the flame they become! Can you believe it? I know, I know… it sounds crazy, but it’s true! They said I’m going to become the leader of a team of heroes who will prevent an invasion by a demonic being called “The Great Quagmire.” Some of the kids have told me that Quagmire is a legend used to scare young children into going to bed and whatnot. Normally, I’d throw this all away as a bunch of shit, but after my hands caught on fire, I was willing to believe almost anything Hawk and Croc had to tell me.

Also, in the future, Croc finally gets rid of his stupid haircut, and Hawk becomes kind of a hunk. Tomorrow, I think I’m going to test my abilities. Good night, Diary.


September 8, 1997

Dear Diary,

Oh my God. I totally accidentally set my brother, Ben’s, hair on fire today. I was in the backyard, seeing how big I could get the flames. My parents were still at work, and Ben was supposed to be on a date or something, so I didn’t expect anybody to come out the back door, as I was tossing bursts of flame around… not that I should’ve been throwing fire around near a door, anyways, but…

Anyways, Ben came out, and walked right into some fire, and his hairspray caught aflame! Oh, man I felt soooo bad. I still do, really… Ben loves his hair… I hope he won’t have to get too much cut off. Fortunately, all that caught was the hairspray; his face and scap and everything were just fine. I had tons of water around, in case I Had an accident of my own.

Oh my god. Maybe I’m not cut out for saving the world. Why did this hape have to happen to me?


October 1, 1997

Dear Diary,

It’s been two weeks, and Ben is doing fine. He asked me what the it was that cuaght his head on fire; I told him it was my lighter and some hairspray, but I don’t think that he boguht it. Oh my God, I still feel really badly about all this whole thing.

I noticed that Hawk and Camilla were having a bit of a fight, over what sounded like religion. I didn’t want to get involved, but I hope things work out between those two. They’re really cute together. I’m not sure if anything could break those two them apart.

Croc and Julia’s relationship confuses me. Actually, it’s really just Julia who confuses me. She always seems to just space out, and as if she’s always off in her own world. And that’s too bad, because Croc really seems to like her a lot. I wonder what Julia’s like when it’s not lunch time? hmmm…

Biff seems like he’s a nice guy. He’s really big, though. And not really fat – He’s probably the strongest kid at school. He’s also got that beard. I bet he’s cute without it. Maybe I could talking him to shaving it off? I might maybe think about asking him out… maybe.

Good night, Journal.


Of course, we all know from reading Hawk & Croc (which you’ve done, haven’t you?) that Hawk and Fire Raven end up together. But then the apocryphal story, “After The Kiss” happens. And one of the ideas for Hawk & Croc’s time in college was to have Hawk and Fire Raven not end up together for a while, and she’d hook up with Biff. I’m pretty sure these were written before Brandon & I had even come up with their college years (which would’ve been called Hawk & Croc’s Dorm Daze… more on that, soon), so I guess that was something I’d had in mind for a while!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my attempt at writing like a teenage girl.

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