Hawk & Croc Apocrypha: Battle in the Snow!

I want to say this is from 2004. To practice my action scenes, I swiped the combat scene at the beginning of Eastman & Laird’s Leonardo: Teenage Mutant Nina Turtle #1 Micro-Series from 1986.

Of course there have to be some changes; In this story, Hawk fights with a bo staff that can unscrew to form two escrima sticks, as opposed to Leonardo’s twin ninjato swords. Hawk doesn’t wear a bandana, so when the CROWN ninja takes a swipe with a sword, it’s part of his hair that gets cut off. I combined a couple of pages in the middle to kind of make the story my own, but otherwise it’s a pretty spot-on “homage.”

For some reason, I only ever inked the last page. I’m not sure why that is.

I never intended to make any money off of this, though. It was purely for my own storytelling practice. And actually, I seem to recall that did this as an assignment for a college class, where the assignment was either 3 full comic pages, or 5 strips. Since I could sometimes be a bit of an overachiever in art classes, rather than just turn in the Hawk & Croc stuff I was already working on at the time, I did these 5 full comic pages.

Anyways, enjoy some 18+ year old art.

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