Dani Nighthawk sketches

After designing Lizzie for Hawk & Croc: Generation 2, we had to come up with something for Dani Nighthawk. I conceptualized her with a non-natural hair color, and kinda knew she was going to be a tank top & jeans character right away. I figured she’d wear a ponytail in her civilian attire, but let her hair down as a superheroine. The first concept was pretty close, but there was something that was missing; She just didn’t read as Hawk’s daughter. And then it hit me: She needed Hawk’s forelocks of hair. Boom, that was it!

Taking inspiration from Bret Hart, Dani’s superheroine attire was going to be black & pink, which matched her dark purple hair. The final version of her attire ended up being dark grey instead of black, but dark enough that your brain reads it as black. I also gave her sunglasses to better match her dad.

Also, I decided she should move like Spider-Man, because those super acrobatic poses are fun to draw.

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