TMNT as The Ghostbusters

When Playmates toys announced this line of Ooze-flinging TMNT toys…

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All I could see was the Turtles as knockoff The Real Ghostbusters.

So, y’know. I did that:

Donatello had to be Egon, as they’re both the brainy, most scientific one. Michelangelo had to be Peter Venkman, because they’re both the goofy one that’s always making jokes. Leonardo as Ray Stanz made sense to me as Ray is described as “The heart of the Ghostbusters,” and according to the TMNT theme song, “Leonardo leads.” And that left Raphael as Winston Zeddemore, not because their personalities necesarily matched, but because, I mean, scroll back up and look at the original Raph figure here — He’s already IN Winston’s colors!

I had a lot of fun finding ways to incorporate the turtles’ bandana colors along with each of the Ghostbusters’ two colors from their animated jumpsuits.

These guys were a lot of fun to make, and they hang out with my Real Ghostbusters toys instead of my TMNT toys.

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